Welcome at Queens and Kings Childcare

Opening in October 2010

Welcome at Queens and Kings Childcare - Your exclusive bilingual childcare with heart and mind is for children from 4 months to 3 years located directly at beautiful Zoopark in Duesseldorf-Duesseltal.

We thank your for your visit on our website and your interest in our exclusive bilingual childcare services.
On the following pages you will find further information
about Queens and Kings Childcare and our special childcare services.

Enjoy reading.

Open day on Sunday, September 05.th 2010 between 11.00 AM and 04.00 PM

We invite you sincerely to visit us with your beloved and are looking forward to meet you
on the open day.

In case you should be prevented to visit us on September the 5.th 2010, feel free to visit us another time with prior agreement. A first personal contact can only take place out of our normal business hours for the reason that we do not want to disturb our Queens and Kings Childcare- proteges in their habitual routines. Besides that we want to give as much attention as we can to both - the visitor and our Queens and Kings Childcare- kids.